Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have Those Cinnamon Rolls in the Mall Ever Driven You Crazy?

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I've moved, please see:  for the GF cinnamon roll recipe. 


  1. Thank you for this recipe I'm excited to try it next week. They look so good.

    Are you supposed to let them rise after you put them in the pan or do you just put them in the oven after you put them in the pan.

    Thank you.

  2. I did not let them rise. I don't think they really needed it but then again I was so excited to eat them I also didn't want to wait around! lol.

  3. So now that you have piqued my curiosity, and I needed a new rationalization to make them, I am going to make them tonight and let them rise and see what happens!

  4. Ok, now I remember why I didn't let them rise the first time. By the time you get them cut and into the dish the dough is cold so they're not really going to rise. I ended up not letting them rise this time either but they still got bigger in the oven. I also tried using more cream cheese in my icing just because I love cream cheese and I think they came out even more like cinnabons. I used 4 oz of cream cheese.

  5. Thanks for that. It makes sense that the doe would be cold. I will be trying them this week, I just need to get the almond flour.